Tailored Tax and Accounting Solutions for your Personal and Business Needs

At Fanny's Solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with individual attention and tailored tax solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Our Services

Bookkeeping Services

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services for businesses without accounting staff or those in need of upgraded financial systems.

Business Consulting

We provide dedicated business consulting services to assist with crucial decisions related to business expansion, restructuring, or sales.

Business Entity Selection

We offer expert guidance on selecting the appropriate business entity, considering the significant financial and tax implications involved.

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Our services include strategic estate and trust tax preparation aimed at minimizing taxes and ensuring a smooth transition for heirs.

Notary Public

We provide convenient notary public services for authenticating document execution and signatures when required.

Payroll Services

Our efficient payroll management services keep you informed about evolving tax regulations and ensure smooth operations.

Retirement Planning

We offer tailored retirement planning guidance for both individuals and businesses, helping you make informed financial decisions.

Sales Tax Services

We provide expert assistance in understanding and managing sales tax obligations, including timely and efficient preparation of sales tax returns.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Our proactive tax preparation and planning services for both personal and business tax matters ensure minimized tax liabilities and maximized benefits.